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USPS Mailing Guidelines for First Class Mail – Letters, Postcards, Envelopes & Packages

2016-07-21T19:35:44-07:00By |Resources & Tips|

We help alot of clients not only design custom postcards and similar pieces of media, but also help them foresee what particular costs of mailing them are.  You wouldn't want a design to be too big, causing the size of the envelope to be classed in t [...]

Training Spam Filter?

2013-01-09T16:46:42-07:00By |Resources & Tips|

There isn’t a master “whitelist” per say for the entire domain, but some controls can be setup by the user. 1. Unmarking a message as NOT SPAM which is done A) by clicking “not spam” while logged online or B) Moving an email from the Spam folder to y [...]