Website Design for Home Ownership Gateway

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Home Ownership Gateway is a goal specific website for a local team of Real Estate Mortgage experts with over 40 years of combined experience. Home Ownership Gateway’s goal with their new website is to promote their Homebuyer workshops starting in 2012.

MITO Studios designed and produced a single-page interactive website, which acts like an online postcard, to promote their 2012 workshops. This created an easy way for interested clients to register for the event, and display critical information about the company.

Custom Website Design includes:

  • Custom HTML 5 and CSS3 Design
  • Integrated Event Registration and Management System
  • TotalPro Host Web Hosting & Maintenance

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Website Design for Home Ownership Gateway, Homepage

Website Design for Home Ownership Gateway, Homepage



About the Author:

Blake Miller is the Founder, Owner and Creative Director of MITO Studios with over 20 years of Design, Marketing, Communications and Business Operations & Management experience. MITO Studios has helped countless Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Organizations operate more efficiently while improving their marketing & communications.