When a visitor to your Facebook Page posts a photo, video or text/post, it does not show up in the main feed the same way as your own postings do. Instead, it is buried off to the side under “Posts by visitor”. Many Facebook page admins wish visitor posts could show up in the feed – you can see here, here and here. This is by design. When this post is something positive, you’d love for it to show up on your page’s main feed/wall. But what if it was something negative? Would you want that to automatically show up on your feed? Facebook page owners would likely take an opposite approach “Why are you automatically showing this stuff on my page?” Either way, the ability to share a Facebook visitor post is not a direct option. But there is an indirect way to get it to show up by “sharing” it back onto your main feed by “sharing” the post onto your feed.

How To Share A Facebook Visitor Post on your Facebook Page

1. Navigate to the “Visitor Posts” section on your page. As of this writing it is in the right hand column. (It’s moved around over time as Facebook has changed up the page layout)

2. Get to the actual post itself by clicking on the Date/Time section of the post (It’s a hyperlink so you’ll see your cursor change) This will take you to the actual post itself.

3. Click on the Share link. This opens up the sharing dialog box.

NOTE: Because you are interacting with this post as you (the personal profile) it will default to “Share on your own timeline”. This would be a bit silly if you shared some random post from someone you don’t know onto your own timeline. Your friends may look at you funny. (Of course, you can share to your own timeline and there may be good reason to if you’re highlighting product or service which you are intimately involved with and you want to share with your friends. But if you’re managing someone else’s page, you wouldn’t want to do this.)

4. Select Share on a Page you manage option from the dropdown.

5. Now, craft a good message. “Best of luck!” “Thank you for the kudos!” etc. Do not turn it into a self-promotion call to action, sales pitch. Users do not respond well to those. Remember, you are speaking on behalf of your page (brand, company, etc.) and this is a “public shout out” onto your page.

Congrats, your Facebook visitor post is now on your feed as a new and separate post. BONUS: You can even take it a step further and “boost” it and run paid ads against it.

IMPORTANT: You should be aware that you are publicizing and amplifying someone’s comments, photo(s), video(s). Even more so if you are going to run ads against it. Granted, the users post is public by nature (otherwise, it wouldn’t show up on a Page’s Visitor Posts section) but still, a user may not be fully aware of this. They also may not be aware that you’re going to amplify his/her post in such a way. You could reach out to the user and ask permission first, but that can be burdensome and time consuming.

Also, there used to be a “Highlight Post” feature on visitor posts, but that has been removed.