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Hey its us! Yes, we designed our own website too and it’s been a HUGE project since our decision to re-brand the entire company.  With most, if not all re-brands, comes a new website and this was no slight undertaking   In fact, we have logged over 200 man hours over the last 12 months.  That will be one hefty invoice we send to the client 😉

Colors & Brand

It goes without saying It was also important to match the brand – the colors, look & feel, etc.  We customized the entire color palette to exactly match the new MITO brand.

Home Page

We wanted to make a big, bold point on the homepage which is highlighted by the Image Slider across the entire width.  The first slider is the most important as it’s what the user sees.  Therefore, we spent alof of time developing the home page main slider image. We then used this graphic approach to design our Facebook Fan Page and our LinkedIn profile page.

The middle half of the home page features our top Service Categories, with direct links to their respective pages.

The bottom half includes a three-wide footer region which includes a blurb About Us, Contact Info and Latest Blog Posts.

Services + Portfolio

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The Main Goal was to highlight our Services & Portfolio . . . and we did both at the same time.

The main task at hand was to highlight and display our Portfolio. Honestly, in the previous 9 years, we had little of our portfolio displayed online.  This portion of the project included both writing copy for every portfolio piece and photographing it.

We decided to combine our “Services” with the “Portfolio” into a single set of pages.  This cut down on redundant copy and made the site easier to navigate.  The user can both learn about what we do and see our work on the same page.  Each Service page has both copy describing the service and a single “Featured Image” from each project. By narrowing down to a particular portfolio post, the user can read more details about the project and see additional pictures.

A Ton of Stuff (I.e. Content is King)

As of this posting, we have over 140 Portfolio Posts from various projects over the years.  Keep in mind that we A) Selected only the best of the best of our work and B) Only posted material that we have on hand (to photograph)  Doesn’t apply to electronic stuff like websites, e-newsletters, etc. since we do have access to those.  Since we drop-ship much of our products, we don’t get to see alot of it.

Photography & Screenshots

Yes, we photographed all of our products too.  With the portfolio posts above, we photographed all of the selected products that we have on hand – a no-brainer since we also provide Photography Services. And in surprising fashion, we currently have 377 photographs of all of our products as of this posting. In addition to the photographs, we have over 175 Screenshots of websites, email marketing campaigns, social media pages and similar.


The entire site can be accessed from the Main Top Navigation system and we purposely arranged the content so the navigation never goes below two deep. The top navigation includes a very clean and snappy drop down system. Within each page and post lies side bar navigation.  Within a Blog Post or Portfolio Post, direct access to all of our services and portfolio items is also provided by a custom “Services” Menu system.  This keeps access to our services within a single click.

Website Design Mito Studios Web-Design Tag-Cloud

An extensive Blog & Portfolio tag system shows the wide range of topics in both our blog and portfolio, and offers one-click access to each.


With the new brand, will come new content and we tightly integrated a Blog into the site. We will blog about News, Tips (Technical, Business, Etc.), Marketing and Design Resources, etc.  These have become the Categories.  A distinct Tag system will also be used to help further identify relevant topics and

Custom Website Design includes:

  • CMS Website Development
  • Homepage Portfolio Slideshow
  • Customized Inquiry Contact Form
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Development Images

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios (1)

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios – Home Page Image Slider

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios (2)

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios – Custom Contact Form

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios (3)

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios –  Serviced Detail page with Portfolio items, showing Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios (4)

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios – Services & Portfolio Arrangement

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios (5)

Website Design & Development for MITO Studios


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Blake Miller is the Founder, Owner and Creative Director of MITO Studios with over 20 years of Design, Marketing, Communications and Business Operations & Management experience. MITO Studios has helped countless Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Organizations operate more efficiently while improving their marketing & communications.
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