MITO Studios was originally founded in 1994 by Blake Miller, a Midwest native . . . with midwest values and work ethics. Growing up, Blake had a fascination with technology, graphic design, electronic media services, and audio/video specialties. Through High School and College, he was involved with his school newsletters (both Photography & Editing) while excelling in athletics as well as an All-American track & field athlete.

Blake achieved a Bachelors of Science degree (with Honors) from one of the Federal Service Academies, fueling his passion to be a leader in both his Professional and Personal life.  Blake started offering his creative services by freelancing small projects. He received a diploma from UCSD’s “Executive Program for Scientists & Engineers” – an MBA style program geared towards techies in management roles. Finally in 2004, after over 10 years of experience in professional world of Engineering, Project & Senior Management, and Sales & Marketing for multi-million dollar companies, Blake took his passion full time and focused his efforts onto MITO Studios.

Outside of the studio, Blake enjoys being happily married with a daughter. They are active in their Church, outdoors and running.  In fact, Blake is the Director of Run San Diego and coach of The VAVi Running Club, a small business focusing on Endurance Running in San Diego. Blake is also a successful and highly sought after DJ/MC in San Diego and considers that his “night job”