Are you or someone you know planning a reunion, conference or special event this year? Give your guests something to talk about with custom name badges. Start with a custom design expertly matched to your brand. Add names, titles, organizations, and other “data”. Finally, go the extra mile to personalize each badge with a photo/image or graphic that’s custom to each attendee. (Photography / image processing services also available) There’s nothing like a custom and unique name badge to spark a conversation and take your event to the next level – get yours today!

Custom name badges are perfect for:

  • High School Reunions
  • Conferences
  • College Reunions
  • Business Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • and More!

Custom Name Badge Pricing

How Pricing Works

Our name badges are custom designed, manually processed and 100% unique to your event! They are not cheap but they are not “cheap”. These name badges will be a highlight of your event and people will take notice and talking about them (especially if they include old high school pictures)

Due to the nature of how they are produced, there is a “baseline” cost – meaning we have to spend the same amount of time designing the badge and setting up the data processing import whether you have 25 badges or 250 badges. That means lower quantities will have a higher unit cost. But, due to the nature of volume printing, scanning, lanyards, etc. the more you get, the lower the overall price and price per badge.

What’s Included (Base Cost)

The initial / base price shown is for both the Design / Layout & Print of the name badges.

  • Design & Layout – It includes custom design of your badge (colors, logo, etc.), data processing of names, and import / merge of the data. The end result is a digital file with final name badges with everyones name’s (and pictures, if provided).
  • Printing – Full Color, Two-Sided Card Stock Printing. We don’t print single sided on junk Avery name badge stock. We produce a thick, high quality printed name badge. Not only are they full-bleed (printing goes to the edges) they are DOUBLE SIDED so no more having to flip over your badge every time someone walks up to you only to find your badge flipped over showing a blank backside. Size 4″ x 3″


Beyond the base cost noted above, we provide options to enhance or fulfil your name badge order.

  • Picture Scanning – High resolution scanning of pictures from a yearbook. If in color, you receive both color and black & white versions. You receive both high resolution and low resolution images back. Assumes that yearbook is made up of grids consisting of multiple images per page.
  • Lanyards & Sleeves – We will provide 3″ x 4″ plastic sleeves and a COLOR lanyard to match your brand. NOTE: These are provided in lots of 25 or 50 depending on color/style. That means you’ll get extra for those blank cards that we provided for free.
  • Stuff & Sort – Typically, you’ll receive the printed badges in a stacked bundle(s) where you will have to sort and stuff them into sleeves / lanyards. You’ve probably got better things to do (such as run a reunion or event) so let us stuff & sort them for you. You’ll received all of the badges packaged, ready to go in a box.

Shipping & Tax

FREE Ground Shipping for orders over $500, otherwise, shipping will be in the $15-30 range depending on quantities & options selected. Tax will be added to orders that are shipped within California.

Ready to go? Use our cost calculator below to determine the cost of your name badges. If you’d like to continue the conversation, hit “Submit” and we’ll get back to you right away to discuss the details of your badges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Custom Name Badges

General FAQs

What size are your custom name badges?

They are the larger 4″ x 3″ badges. There are two common name badge sizes, 2.25″ x 3″ and 4″ x 3″.  In my opinion, the 2.25×3 are too small for name badges, especially if you have pictures. We can supply the smaller badges if you need (the pricing would adjust lower, but not by much)

How long do they take to make?

We typically say “4-6 weeks” but ultimately, it depends on what options you have.  If you have just names and a custom badge, it can be closer to 2-3 weeks. But if you need 250 badges along with yearbook scanning, it can be more like 5-6 weeks. It also depends on our workload. At the end of the day, we’ll give you an accurate estimate as to how long they will take.

Do you provide blank badges? Do you charge for them?

Yes, we always provide a set of blank badges and they are FREE. Depending on the size of your event / order, we’ll supply approximately 5-7% blank badges at no charge. The only time we would charge for blanks is if you need Sleeves & Lanyards (because they come in lots of 25 or 50 depending on style)  So if you have 195 name badges, but want 10 blanks, we’d based the main pricing on 195 badges. You’d received 205 total badges, but we’d to supply 225 or 250 sleeves & lanyards.

Do you charge exact cost for the specific number of badges, or the cost shown on the calculator?

Yes, we calculate the exact cost based on the final number of badges you need. The costing calculator gives you a rough estimate of total cost. The actual cost is the total number of badges x unit cost per option. The unit cost used is the value at the LOWER range. Meaning if you have 215 badges, we’ll base the unit cost for 200 badges range. If you have 252 badges, we’ll base the cost on the 250 Badge option.

Scanning / Yearbook FAQs

What if we have yearbook scans / digital images already?

Great! That means you’ll save money. We would just need to make sure that they are sized (500px long edge minimum) and formatted properly, and you’d also need to make sure that each image/file is named in a standardized/uniform way (such as “julie-smith.jpg” or “miller-mark.png”) Whatever file-naming convention you use, all cards have to follow the same convention (first-last, or last-first) and be of the same file type (jpg, png, etc.)

Do I have to ship your my yearbook? If so, how?

Yes, we need the yearbook in order to do the scanning and you’ll send it to our offices in San Diego, CA. (We’ll give you specific instructions when you place the order) We HIGHLY recommend you send it via UPS or FedEx along with tracking and signature required. We will do the same when sending it back to you when we’re done.

Does the yearbook get damaged or altered during scanning?

The yearbook definitely does not get damaged – in other words, we do not cut / tear out the pages to do the scans. However, in order to get a full page, quality scan, we do have to open the book and press / flatten the pages against scanner glass. it’s like opening a hard bound book and flattening it as much as possible. The amount of pressing / flattening depends how far away the printing is from the inside margin and also things like how thick the yearbook is. At the end of the day, you will hardly notice, if at all, that your yearbook was handled if the yearbook is of quality construction and not aged / damaged to begin with.

HOWEVER, if your yearbook is very old, damaged, rotted or similar, then flattening it may damage the inside spine / stitching.  If during the scanning process we see or sense that the yearbook will be damaged or altered, we’ll contact you before proceeding any further to discuss and resolve.

I don’t want to send you my cherished yearbook. Can I scan it and have you “slice” them up and finalize the images?

Possibly. You would need the proper equipment and know-how to do it.

Do you “enhance” and/or adjust or color correct the yearbook scans?

Yes, we run special enhancement on all of the yearbook scans. If you have color pictures, we will scan them in color. We will also provide a Black & White set of the images too, at no charge. (Sorry, we cannot turn black and white images into color)

Do I get to keep the digital images from the scans?

Yes, of course. That’s part of the project – you’ll receive a complete set of the finished digital images from the entire yearbook. Your guests will love the fact that they will receive a digitized image from their yearbook.

What if I only need SOME/PARTIAL yearbook scans, but more badges for guests, etc.

We only charge for the amount you need. So if you have 250 total attendees with 150 classmates with yearbook pictures + 100 guests, we would base the name badge and options pricing based on 250, but the yearbook scanning based on 150.

Contact Us for More Info or to Place Order

If you’re looking for help with your large name badge project, or want to customize your name badges, we’d love to chat with you.

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