Social Media Marketing Services for Individuals, Organizations, Non-profits and Similar to help boost your presence, attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Social Media has become a part of everyday life. The world is constantly talking online, researching online, and changing even overnight. Our Social Media Marketing Services will cater to your company / organization and give you a chance to jump into social media feet first.  The most popular and common social media platforms we help business and individuals launch into are:

With Social Media, your business will have the opportunity to extended your marketing to a wider audience and connect with your clients on a 1 on 1 basis. Your business is unique and so should your social media; we will design exclusive timeline covers, logos, and graphics to cater to your needs.Giving you a true brand identity.

  • Setup & Manage Accounts on your behalf
  • Custom designed, branded, graphics for all Social Media Platforms
  • Integrate unifying campaigns onto other Social Media Platforms
  • Consult on your Social Media best practices & develop SM Marketing plans
  • Update & Manage Campaigns on regular basis

Paid Search / Social Media Advertising / PPC

We offer management services to plan, strategize, create/design, manage and report “Paid ads” for your business. We can assist with paid ads on Google as well as Social Media (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn). Google Ads used to be called “PPC” but they now cover a much wider range of platforms and types such as search/click, display and video/youtube. Now they are simply called “Google Ads”.

Services include:

  • Account Setup & Ongoing Management
  • Campaign Strategy / Types
  • Awareness – get the word out in search of new customers. Typically local / geographic
  • Retargeting – show ads on Facebook to visitors who came from Google
  • Promotion – monthly specials, seasonal, classes
  • Search Ads vs Display Network Ads
  • Creative: Copywriting / Text / Headlines, Basic Graphic Design w/ Imagery (Stock)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Regular Account Reviews / Feedback

Social Media Portfolio