At MITO Studios, have a goal to help your business grow to be as successful as it can be and more. Our custom designed flyers, brochures, and newsletters are a great way to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your company’s business website.

Custom designed and produced Brochures are a popular for providing important content about your company and it’s services. Brochures are traditionally “folded” flyers and can come in a wide range of folding options from Half Fold, Tri Fold, and many other typical folding styles.

Custom designed Flyers are identical to brochures minus the folding aspect and is a great way to pass out eye-catching information, used in presentation folders or delivered in mailing pieces or envelopes.

Custom designed Newsletters are a great way to reach current clients and personnel for upcoming events and trending topics/current issues. Newsletters are essentially large flyers or brochures that get folded in some common fashion. Newseltters can be designed and printed from sizes ranging from 8.5×11 all the way up to 11×25.5.  Custom sizes and folding options are available.

Flyers, Brochures and Newsletters Design Portfolio

We have consulted, designed and many of the time, printed, hundreds of different flyer, brochure and newsletter designs since 1994. Here are some of our favorites.