Avada Speed & Performance Fine Tuning and Analysis

Over the years as "Page & Site Builder" themes such as Avada, Divi and others, have grown in both popularity and their ability provide just about everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink. These "features" come a [...]

Summer Fun with the MillerFam

Summer has been in full swing with lots of activities, vacations and happenings. Last day of school is always a great feeling for both the kids and us parents. For about the 9th or 10th year out of the last 12 years, we went [...]

eCommerce Upgrade for San Diego Biotech Website

Last year, we redesigned and upgraded Biomatrica's website, but due to operational reasons and other circumstances, the e-commerce system remained on the old platform and was scheduled for a later time. Well, we're proud to [...]

How to Efficiently Manage Your Social Media Presence

We cannot stress the importance of staying engaged with users and fans enough. Liking is the bare minimum you should be doing, but both commenting and liking is ideal. This doesn't mean that you have to comment back on everyt [...]

Happy Halloween from the MillerFam!

Kids & Halloween go hand in hand and this year didn't disappoint. I was a "bug catcher" while wifey and lil girl were butterflies. Lil guy wasn't having the whole bug thing. The fact that I also have some experience with  [...]

Miramar Airshow Front Row

I have extremely fond memories of my father taking me to the Cleveland Airshow. It's what set the stage for my desires to go into the military and hence, my graduation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point. Fast [...]

MillerFam Back to School 2018 Edition

Summer 2018 went by super fast, as expected and like everything else these days. But I was looking forward to get back to school which means more routine and less craziness around the home as the fun and activities of summer [...]

Homepage Podcast Feed for Church’s Podcast Website

Recently we helped some staff members of Canyon Springs Church who partake in 10 Steps Further podcast, put together a website for their podcast. Because this site is solely for the purpose of understanding, learning about, a [...]

Retail Location Organizer for Fishing Bait Website

Recently we helped Hookup Baits simplify their website. The retail location directory task was one of many we were able to implement for HUB. Before, there were not many retail stores, so we were able to completely create thi [...]