We are saddened at the effects and devastation that COVID-19 is inflicting on not only people who fallen ill (or worse) but also on the hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world whom have all but shut down. While dozens if not hundreds of industries are getting hit hard, there are a few that are extra close to us such as:

  • Weddings & Events Industry* (Coordinators, Photographers, DJs, Bakeries, Florists, etc.)
  • Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafes
  • Conferences & Events
  • Retail-only Shops (Flower Shops, Clothing, Novelty Shops)

These business have all but fully closed.

*MITO Studios Owner / Founder Blake spent 15+ years in the weddings & events industry on a full-time basis. He still runs his events business on a smaller scale, but has also lost a handful of booked events (including 1 conference).

What has not shut down for many of these businesses is their recurring expenses such as rent, utilities and other expenses such as website hosting, subscription fees, etc. and this is where we can help.

FREE Web Hosting

As fellow small business owners, we want to help those affected by offering FREE Managed Website Hosting for your WordPress website for the duration of the pandemic + 6 months. Not only will we host your site for free, we will also maintain things under the hood (that’s the definition of our “managed” hosting services).

The service includes moving / migrating your website as well. Once we migrate your site, you can cancel your existing subscription. We understand it’s not easy to “move” web hosting providers and sometimes it’s not worth the expense and hassle, but these are no ordinary times and you might need all the help you can get. Existing hosting companies should be lenient in breaking contracts early, etc.

Once the pandemic is over, you’ll receive an additional 6 months of basic managed hosting for free ($240 value) to help get back on your feet. At that time, we’ll transfer you to one of our subscriptions. Learn more about our Managed WordPress Hosting provided by our WP Site Pros hosting division here. Interested? Contact us ASAP here, or directly at 619-840-3572 or info@mitostudios.com