Show off your sports team in style with one of our custom designed and quality printed banners. Each banner is custom designed to fit your team’s sport, name, colors, and age group. We have nearly 2 decades of designing and printing banners, signs and other large format product – and sports team banners are right up our alley!

Team Sports Banner Design

  • Custom Designed Banner / Artwork
  • Include Childs’ names and numbers

High Quality Commercial Printing

  • Sized 5′ x 3′
  • 13oz Heavy Duty Matte Vinyl
  • Full Color 4/4 Printing + UV Safe Ink
  • Poll Pockets Top & Bottom Included (Many others charge extra)
  • Grommets on Left & Right Side for better mounting

Team Sports Banner Pricing

  • $99 – Custom Design & Print
  • $15 – Shipping – UPS Ground from SoCal area (Rush options available)

Other Pricing

  • $79 – Custom Design Only (You print)
  • $69 – Print Only (You design)

See the Team Sports Banners in Action

Team Sports Banner Design Gallery

Sports Team Banner PVC Pipe Stand

We have tried and seen many of the popular banner stands out there. After not liking many of the others, I have dialed in what I think it a great design. Most if not all of the “real” pictures above use this method.

  • Built with Schedule 40 PVC which is thicker and stiffer
  • Easier & Quicker to “setup” since it only requires 2 ground pieces of re-bar.
  • Easier to store as all 4 pipes bungee together, and the banner can wrap around it.
  • Less overall pieces of PVC Pipe because the “stand” is made of re/bar and not more PVC pipe.
  • The banner “hangs” like a curtain so it’s more resistant to wind.

Parts List

  • Qty 2 – PVC Pipe, 1”, Sched 40, 10ft Section (Each cut in half = qty 4 – 5ft sections)
  • Qty 2 – PVC 1” 90deg Angles
  • Qty 2 – Re/bar, 3/8” dia x 2ft Sections
  • Qty 2 – 8-12″ Bungee Ball Straps (To wrap them all up and secure) OPTIONAL
  • Qty 1 – Mallot, small sledge, large hammer – to knock the stakes into the ground for setup