As I was in the initial process of re-branding my company, like many who go through this process, I was in search of a new name.  Something unique would definitely be key. I mean, “Pro Motion Entertainment” is pretty straight forward, almost a bit too straight.  I am also a runner and a long distance running coach for – half and full marathons.  One of the basic principles we learn about endurance training is how our bodies create energy.  In a nutshell, our body’s energy is produced by Mitochondria.

Mitochondion Image

Mitochondrion are the Power Plants within a body’s cell that call to the demands of the cell. It represents Energy. Adaptation. Endurance. Image courtesy of

Mito what? [MY-toe]

Didn’t you know?  Mitochondria is an organelle in the cytoplasm of cells that functions in energy production.

An orga-what?

Mitochondria stems from cellular biology and is sometimes referred to the cell’s “power producers” and are the sites of cellular respiration which ultimately generates fuel for the cell’s activities.  They convert energy into forms that are usable by the cell. They are cool little creatures, in that they will create and recreate themselves to meet the needs of the cell. Technically, mitochondria have circular DNA and replicate by a reproductive process called fission. So, when you exercise, or train, such as for a marathon, your body will actually generate more mitochondria, aka power plants – hence the positive effect of endurance training.

Power Plants.  Energy.  Creation. Adaptation. Endurance . . .  Fitting, huh?

And that was that . . . MITO Studios was born!

And overall, it just kind of sounded pretty cool, definitely unique and a fitting name for my new brand. Plus, the domain name (along with several branch-off names) was available which is an extreme rarity these days.  Overall, I’ve been pretty stoked with the new name, and more so, the new brand!

~Blake Miller