How To Schedule a WordPress Post in the Future

My wife runs her own WordPress website (that I helped setup of course;)) Her school held orientation yesterday and all the parents came to the class. The day before, she had prepared an "announcement" for the website recappin [...]

Email Marketing Campaign – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Creating an email campaign that is easy for others to share is important to help get the word out. See one example of how NOT to do it, and how to fix it. I was asked by one of our clients to “retweet” an email communication [...]

Suspicious Email Spam Identification

A suspicious email has made it into your inbox and you're not sure if it's legitimate or if it's spam, or contains a virus or otherwise dangerous. I receive these emails from clients, friends and family with such questions. T [...]

Blog Post vs. Fixed Page – Which Should I Choose?

The first step in creating content for a blog or website is the choice between making a POST or a PAGE. Though similar in nature, posts and pages have key differences that can help you to decide which one to use. This article [...]

What is a Featured Image & Why Does it Matter?

Websites and Online Content have become more visual in nature, so your post or page needs an image to look complete, polished, and knowledgeable. Therefore, featured images are more important than ever before! Social sharing [...]

How To Create Readable, Shareable Content

Are you wondering how to make the most of your blog posts and online content? Read on and discover easy tips and tricks to make your articles even better! Key Elements of a Readable, Shareable Post Before you start writing co [...]

Flickr Account Confusion

I received a notice about a client's Flickr account that we manage. I logged in and amongst other things, was trying to figure out what type of account they had and if automatic payments were enabled - Flickr changed their ac [...]

How is a Blog Used When You Host Events?

Many businesses, groups, organizations and nonprofits put on, host and/or sponsor Events. Naturally, their website becomes a marketing, communications, advertising and management platform for these events. How their website i [...]

QR Codes

QR Codes There are a few aspects to these. Call to Action (CTA) What if there was a small message along with the code that said something like "To Meet Me In Person Right Now, Scan This Code!" {And then link directly to a You [...]

How to Pay Zero Fees with PayPal

PayPal is a great online payment system for both consumers and businesses, but at the core of doing transactions is the question of "How Much Does it Cost"?  This is a quick article on how to pay zero fees for both Seller and [...]