When an “App” Isn’t Really an App

What happens when you download an App to your smartphone, and said app simply takes you to the company website? My personal and first opinion would be "What the heck?!?" IMO, an app that simply links to a website shouldn't ev [...]

What is the PMS Number of “Reflex Blue”?

Pantone's "Reflex Blue" is one of the popular, pure blue colors in the PMS system.  It's actually quite popular in corporate branding - and I've had 3 or 4 clients use it as their primary blue because it's just that . . . pre [...]

  • Yahoo Email Getting Hacked

Yahoo Email Accounts Brutally Hacked . . . Again!

This revolving door is getting old!  Yahoo email account are getting blasted again by hacks frustrating recipient and bewildering users.  Is it a hack? Is it a break-in?  no one really knows, but it's running crazy again!  Th [...]

  • Scam Email

This Poor Girl Laura and her Scam

I received one of those "please help me" spam messages, properly flagged by Google (Gmail Apps) but I had to read it anyway.  Let me summarize this poor girls wife. Her name is Laura, a single child. She's 26 Yrs old, and mak [...]

Facebook’s “Other” Inbox Strikes Again

Facebook continues to disservice it's users with it's "Other" inbox - the secret place where messages from anyone but your friends land without notice - and that's where the issue stands. I manage alot of groups and pages. A [...]

  • Google Web Speech Recognition Screenshot

Google Chrome Voice Recognition

Yesterday, Google Announced on their Chrome Blog that they have launched their Web Speech API, basically enabling Voice Recognition within the browser.  This is one of the next big things in how we use computers, in my opinio [...]

  • Re-Brand Graphic

It’s Here, Our New Name, Brand and Website!

I am more than excited to introduce our new name, brand and website.  MITO Studios!  And that's pronounced "MY-doe" or "MY-toe".  What's with the Name, you ask?  Read more about the MITO Name here. Anyhoo, this project has be [...]

  • You'll Never See These Ads Again (7)

You Will Never See These Ads Again!

Classic print advertisements from the 50s and 60s that simply won't ever be seen again, except maybe in an upcoming "Worst of" or "Biggest Blunder" sort of showing. You'll Never See These Ads Again You'll Never See These A [...]

Training Spam Filter?

There isn’t a master “whitelist” per say for the entire domain, but some controls can be setup by the user. 1. Unmarking a message as NOT SPAM which is done A) by clicking “not spam” while logged online or B) Moving an email [...]

  • World's Best Business Card (2)

World’s Best Business Card Design

My wife was travelling up to San Jose for a weekend.  A nice ride, nothing notable.  Until the cab driver handed her a business card "in case she needed another ride".  She thought of me and put it in her purse to happily del [...]

Web Host Servers Renaming index.htm to index.html

Why Certain Servers Will Rename index.htm to index.html I found out that when moving to some new servers, my home page was getting automatically renamed. It was the mere fact that the index page was getting automatically rena [...]