Facebook continues to disservice it’s users with it’s “Other” inbox – the secret place where messages from anyone but your friends land without notice – and that’s where the issue stands.

I manage alot of groups and pages. A member of one of my private groups messaged me about an important matter in the group. I wasn’t notified, and I don’t check my “other” box regularly (heck, I don’t even check my Inbox unless I get a notification). After a few days, he didn’t hear back so posted the matter publicly in the group’s wall which threw things for a loop.

But, you have control? Facebook offer’s a weak set of preferences – A or B. You either get things filtered. Or you get things “really” filtered. The lack of the ability to even shut the filtering off. (I would rather have EVERYTHING arrive in my Inbox, and I’ll take care of the filtering – or at least more control. Or you would think that Facebook would recognize that this user is in a private group that I belong to (heck, I even manage/own the thing) and NOT filter the message away.

I’ve seen and heard of this issue affecting many of my friends and colleagues as well. It seems condescending to me, that Facebook would assume that we are going to go check all of their different inbox’s. And Facebook wants to become a hub of e-messaging services?

Long way to go . . . long way.