I am more than excited to introduce our new name, brand and website.  MITO Studios!  And that’s pronounced “MY-doe” or “MY-toe”.  What’s with the Name, you ask?  Read more about the MITO Name here.

Anyhoo, this project has been in the works for over a year.  I finalized the name in mid-2011 and bought the domain name on 9/22/11 over 15 months ago.  It’s been alot of work, alot of collaboration and a alot of of man-hours. Read more about our New Website Here and our New Logo here.

Why The Re-Brand?

My Design business technically started as a freelance gig  in 1994, the first summer out of college.  It grew into a full time venture in 2004, and it’s been  steadily on the rise since.  My previous name and company, Pro Motion Design simply ran it’s course.  There are a few reasons for the re-brand:

1. Something Fresh

I wanted to update our goals, messaging and culture.  “Pro Motion Design” has flourished since 2004 but like many of us, especially me, I needed something fresh to invigorate the creative juices, service offerings and culture.  The look?  The old logo just seemed so 2000’s, and I couldn’t envision re-designing it.  The thought of a new name, and logo, seemed right.


The new MITO Logo offers a Fresh New Look to our re-brand.

2. Something Unique

Like our wide range of service offerings, I wanted something unique.  Based on the preliminary research and telling of close friends and family, I’ve think I hit the mark.  MITO What?  What is MITO?  As noted above, the name itself has a unique, but very close ring to it. The word MITO stems from my love and practice of Long Distance Running and you can read more about the new MITO Name here.

3. Diversified Services

The name Pro Motion Design seemed to have become very narrow.  I’ve always like the “Pro Motion” side of it.  We offer such a wide range of services, from Small Business Consulting to Web Development to Printing of Signs and Banners to Photography that having a name focus on “Design” seemed constricting.  I evaluated such names ending with “Services” and the like but I finalized on “Studios” as it has a Creative yet Broad feel to it.  Studios fits with art.  It fits with Photography.  It fits with Consulting.

4. New Brand Strategy

Since I started, I have grown.  I now have a nearly full time staff covering services such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Administration, Photography, Copyrighting, Marketing, Social Media, etc.  With the growth (and alot of experience) we have also ventured more into Small Business (and Personal) consulting.  Just like online marketing has entered into the picture, and changed drastically over the years, so has our company.

What About Pro Motion Design?

There is definitely a close sentiment to Pro Motion Design – I’ve sunk alot of sweat, hours and tears into good ole “Pro Motion”.  When I told close friends and family about the change, many of them seemed to really question my thoughts.  But it also feels good to get started on a new foot.  I’ll always answer to “Pro Motion” (and our emails and old domain names will forever redirect) so no worries there.

Pro Motion Design Logo

The old Pro Motion Design Logo was stuck in the early 2000’s. Though, I’ll still answer to good ole “Pro Motion” for as long as I can forsee.

Thank You!  Looking Forward

Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you for your partnership, business and friendship.  With all of that, I very much look forward to moving in our new direction and providing the products and services that fit your needs the best.   ~Blake