My wife was travelling up to San Jose for a weekend.  A nice ride, nothing notable.  Until the cab driver handed her a business card “in case she needed another ride”.  She thought of me and put it in her purse to happily deliver it to me the following week.  My first and possibly only impression was “holy crap, this is the best business card design EVER!!

  • You Need a Taxi?
  • Call Paul at XXX-YYY-ZZZZ
My only critique would be to possibly include the City, for travelling patrons from out of town.  Therefore, possibly one small tweak would be:
  • San Jose Taxi
  • Taxi in San Jose
Though one could deduct that info from the Area code either by just knowing, or by doing a look-up (which I had to do to confirm the location). I dunno, adding that info may just make the card a bit too cluttered ;) Regardless, this is the world’s best business card design . . . EVER . . . and I hope that I don’t need words to further explain.

Business Card Pictures

World's Best Business Card (1)

World’s Best Business Card

World's Best Business Card (2)

Words shouldn’t have to explain why this is the World’s Best Business Card.