I received one of those “please help me” spam messages, properly flagged by Google (Gmail Apps) but I had to read it anyway.  Let me summarize this poor girls wife.

  • Her name is Laura, a single child.
  • She’s 26 Yrs old, and makes Cloth, lives in England.
  • Mother was in hospital undergoing Breast Cancer Treatments
  • Father died in a car accident while driving to see said sick mother. (She wishes both souls to rest in peace, at least)
  • But! Father owned a Real Estate & Gas Station business.
  • Wait, WTF is a Real Estate & Gas Station business? Dunno, but it’s worth $57,000,000 . .  yes, that’s 57 million POUNDS
  • Laura is now struggling, and looking for someone to ‘guild’ her, to properly feed herself.
  • Laura tried to get some of that 57,000,000 from bank.
  • Bank says “No!!”  She can only get money if:
    • at least 40 yrs old
    • Or if married, then husband gets it
  • Now, she’s looking for a trustworthy individual to be her husband. (Wow, maybe that’s me????)
    • If I am married and still want to help, then I can be a relative or next of kin to claim this 57,000,000.  Nice.
BTW – Now, she’s going to DIE cuz she can no longer feed herself due to the anguish.  I better get on that plane to visit this Real Estate & Gas Station business.
Scam Email

Poor Laura and her Real Estate & Gas Station business.