Yesterday, Google Announced on their Chrome Blog that they have launched their Web Speech API, basically enabling Voice Recognition within the browser. ¬†This is one of the next big things in how we use computers, in my opinion of course ūüėČ

I’m already a huge fan of both Google and their existing speech recognition capabilities. ¬†Most recently, I upgraded my Google Search App on the iPhone and it’s brilliant. ¬†It’s fast, lightweight and almost creepily accurate. ¬†Being a Google Apps user and fan, I can only imagine how they will integrate it into their systems.

Google Web Speech Recognition Screenshot

Google Web Speech Recognition Screenshot. (Image courtesy of

I’m also a speech recognition fan as I have Nuances Dragon Naturally Speaking. ¬†I’m an on and off user, primarily due to it’s size (it’s a resource hog) and it’s setup & configuration (it takes alot of “learning”). ¬†I bought it primarily to compose emails and documents, but found myself an on/off user. ¬†I actually considered buying stock in Nuance last year when they announced that they were going to be the brains behind some smart TV controllers.

So, great news for us! ¬†Great news for Google. ¬†Nuance? Hmmm . . . it’s early, but I’m almost wondering if it was a good thing that I didn’t buy that stock.