We cannot stress the importance of staying engaged with users and fans enough. Liking is the bare minimum you should be doing, but both commenting and liking is ideal. This doesn’t mean that you have to comment back on everything, but there are usually a lot of opportunities to comment in addition to simply liking a post/comment. Your audience not only sees this, but they appreciate that you are noticing them!

Imagine this…

You own Best Buy. A happy, raving fan is standing outside the front door holding up a sign saying, “Thank You, Best Buy! You are awesome and thanks for the service and support. I love Best Buy!!” Plus, he’s telling all of the customers walking past him heading into the store.

How do you respond?

  • Option 1: You ignore him. He sees you. He knows you are inside. He sees you walk past him every day heading in and out of work. How will he feel after time? What about others who notice that you’ve given him absolutely no recognition as you walk by him every day and night? Doing nothing equates the same whether in person or on social media. BAD.
  • Option 2: You walk by him on your way out the door and you Wave at him. No words, nothing spoken. That’s okay. At least you recognized him. Others saw that you recognized him. This is a Like on social media. Good.
  • Option 3: You not only wave at him, but you stop, take a few minutes out of your busy day and say thanks. You give him a few kind words and you connect with him. Others passing by see that you’re engaged with him, thanking him, etc. He feels good. Maybe inspired, humbled or gracious that you took time to recognize him and connect with him. This is a Like + Comment on Social Media. Better.
  • Option 4: You do all of the better above and you privately offer him a 10% discount code to say thanks for being such a nice fan. But you publicly say “Thanks for your great feedback! Please check your Inbox for a little token of our appreciation.” Others can see that you acknowledged him and gave him something. You also hook him up with some swag so he can wear it around town and further be an advocate for your brand. He’ll be more fired up than ever to further promote you. Options are limitless. Best.

We know you’ve got a lot to do in running your business, but you can’t ignore what/who’s important out there in social media. We’re not saying you give a discount or free t-shirt to everyone who gives a public shout out, though plenty of others do. It’s more to illustrate the different levels of good customer service and how to be social as a brand. Going above and beyond increases your brand recognition which in turn increases the impact your company has in your specific industry.

While all of this might seem pretty simple, it is a bit time consuming to pay attention to each and every customer / fan that likes, comments, and posts on your social media. Luckily, this is just one of the skills that we at MITO have mastered. Taking initiative to make each and every person feel appreciated, we strive to create a sense of welcome for the fans. As companies grow, this task becomes even more vital, so why not let us take it off of your hands? With one less thing to worry about, you’ll be able to focus more on products, services, or whatever else your business prides itself on. Check out our Social Media services here. No pressure, but it sounds like a no-brainer to us. ?