Recently we helped North County Dance Arts, Inc. simplify their website.┬áThe team directory task was one of many we were able to simplify for NCDA. Before, the instructor navigation was not user friendly, so we needed to implement a way to make it easier for participants, future instructors, parents, and of course dancers to find out who was on their amazing staff. Once you find the instructor you’re looking for, all it takes is a click on the photo to lead to their bio and instructor information.

Administration / Backend Improvements

These features are sometimes equally helpful for the backend/admin/management of the website as well. Having the ability to consolidate the work and make the organization easier makes the management of this website incredibly simple. Before using this plug-in, the only option was to manually build out the page with everyone listed, which is more time consuming and less efficient. In the world we live in today, efficiency is key! In our opinion, this was the better alternative. On top of that reason, there were also other benefits:

  • Easy to access and read team directory database in the admin panel
  • Easily enable/disable the display of members on the front end minimizing edit time on specific page(s)
  • Standardizes the intake and display of information
  • Allows for categories and sub categories to control who is shown where on the front end.

All in all, we were excited to help out NCDA with their website and continue to work with them with website upkeep and management.

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  • To view the instructor team directory in action, click here.