Recently we helped Hookup Baits simplify their website. The retail location directory task was one of many we were able to implement for HUB. Before, there were not many retail stores, so we were able to completely create this one from the ground up. We needed to implement a way to make it easier for customers, fans, partners, etc. to access the locations where Hookup Baits were being sold, depending on the area in California. Located at the top of all of the retail locations is an organizer based off of the County HUB can be found in. For example, if you’re in San Diego County fishing over the weekend, you can click on the San Diego County option at the top to narrow down all of the retail locations across that specific county. Not to mention we added in the Name, Location, and Phone Number of each retail store, plus linked to each respective website when you click on the logo itself. Pretty convenient, huh?

Administration / Backend Improvements

These features are sometimes equally helpful for the backend/admin/management of the website as well. Having the ability to consolidate the work and make the organization easier makes the management of this website incredibly simple. Before using this plug-in, the only option was to manually build out the page with each location listed, which is more time consuming and less efficient. In the world we live in today, efficiency is key! In our opinion, this was the better alternative. Using a logo plug in and using the code for each, we were able to separate out each retail shop by its location in California.

All in all, we were excited to help out HUB with their website and continue to work with them with website upkeep and management.

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