Managed Website Maintenance & Support

You had (or have) the best website designed for you.  Now What?  Chances are your website designer isn’t going to hang around to provide ongoing updates and maintenance for you.

TotalPro Hosting

MITO Studios offers a unique blend of hosting services dubbed “TotalPro Hosting.” Total Pro Hosting is different from the majority in that it provides a Total Professional Solution!  It combines Web Design & Development with with Design, Support & Maintenance, and other “IT” duties

  • Website and/or Database Hosting
  • Website Updates & Creative Services
  • Email Systems & Account Management
  • Domain Name & DNS Support
  • Tech Support
  • Web Maintenance, Analytics & Reporting
  • Email Marketing Systems & Account Management
  • Social Media Systems & Account Management

Web Maintenance, Service & Support Packages

We will craft a web maintenance and support package that fits both your needs and budget and we will never over-inflate any package simply to go after your bank account.

We work with clients who need 15-20 hours per month to clients who only need a quarterly update and checkup that ends up being 3-4 hours per year.

  • Web Design & Maintenance Updates, up to XX hrs per month (XX hrs per quarter or year)
  • Site Integrity Check & Update (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)
  • Regular website statistics via Google Analytics (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)
  • Includes Website & Email Hosting Account (if required)
  • Management of your Domain Name & Renewal* if needed.
  • Discounted Additional hours.  The larger your monthly package, the less additional hours are.

Web Hosting Only

If you don’t require regular updates, service or support, we’ll be glad to host your website and/or email accounts. You’ll still receive technical support in relation to your hosting and/or email system, but not to the update or upkeep of your website.

  • Includes Website & Email Hosting Account
  • Includes Service & Support related to Hosting & Email only
  • Does NOT include updates or maintenance to your website or website files.

Additional Services and FAQs

Updates, Service & Support

We meticulously track and record all of our time. Maintenance & Support time can be used for any of our services such as: updating content, technical support, consultation, social media updates or support, email/IT support, adding new pages, meetings or telephone support . . . anything that relates to the update and upkeep of your online presence.

What can be done in a particular chunk of time*?

  • 10-15min – Text Only Changes of existing page or blog post.
  • 15-30min – Text & Image/Photo(s) update of existing page (Images/Graphics always add time)
  • 20-45min – Adding a new page w/ Menu Navigation update
  • 30-60min – Add new page w/ Images/graphics, add navigation, update sidebar
  • 60-120min – Update 2-4 pages w/ minimal images/graphics, add 1-3 PDF docs, update navigation links
  • 15-30min – Phone call to review website stats, strategize recommended changes, etc.

* Estimates above are to be used as a “rough guide” only, but generally fairly accurate based on 10+ yrs of web experience. There are a ton of circumstances that can affect the actual amount of time for your particular project or site. We will communicate these to you prior to commencement of work.

Site Integrity Check & Update

To ensure the website is still working and performing as designed and expected and since we maintain a complete local backup of your site/files, we have the ability to keep things running smoothly.

  • Browser Check* (FireFox, Internet Explorer, GoogleChrome and Safari)
  • Site Health Check (Navigation Links, Broken Links, Check Contact Forms, Other Interactive Elements**)
  • Update Copyright year and other “time sensitive” information
  • Create new local backup of site/files.

* As web browsers change and update, so does the performance of websites when viewed/used in the new browsers. (E.g. a website designed in 2006 may not look proper or operate as expected in a browser that is designed and optimized in 2013. We will only make recommendations for upgrade, improvement, etc. and does NOT include services that may be required.

** Does NOT include checking e-commerce driven sites. Those shall be covered under separate contract.

Domain Name Management

The management and upkeep of your domain name(s) is the most vital piece of your online presence. We will oversee your domain registrar account to ensure all of the settings remain in place, and more importantly, that it gets renewed. *Does not include the actual cost of the renewal, and this will be invoiced along with the maintenance services.

Statistics via Google Analytics

Includes setting up and configuring a Google Analytics account on your behalf. We install the necessary GA code into the website and then email you a summary report every period (according to your plan)