Project Description

Elemental Performance is an Elite Sport Supplement manufacturer that focuses on being the “Best of Breed” approach. Elemental Performance produces three different performance supplements that allows an athlete to maximize the effectiveness of their current nutritional regimen.

Elemental Performance was in need of a package design for each of the three supplements that fit the round bottle shape. The most important feature was to keep the company brand prominent across each bottle, so we started by making a “Master Template Design” that incorporated the general colors, main logos/symbols, design/layout.  We then created an individual label for each supplement that included crucial content, nutritional information, and important facts. Each individual label for the elements has a specific color palette that matches the individual logos. Package design is crucial for each product, because it is the face of the company and these label have successfully captured the attention of Elemental Performance’s audience.

MITO has been proud to do all of the branding, graphic design and marketing for Elemental Performance since their inception.



Package Design for Elemental Performance

Package Design for Elemental Performance