Project Description

SeqOnce Biosciences is a biotech company focused on accelerating life science discoveries and improving patient outcomes by focusing on Next Generation Sequencing. We have worked closely with the VP of Marketing, James Gilmore, on a few other partner companies such as Biomatrica and Argonaut, so they knew MITO would have just the right knowledge to put a new, more appealing website together.

This was a basic revamp of an older, out dated website. We simply made it bigger, bolder, more modern, professional and easy to navigate. Enjoy some photos below!

Visit the SeqOnce WordPress Website

Infographic Creation

MITO Studios also created this infographic in order to display the efficiency and timeliness of the RhinoSeq library construction.

WordPress Website Gallery

Built on WordPress

This website is built on WordPress which is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) framework. WordPress is hugely popular due to its ease of use, wide range of capabilities, customizable architecture and a large pool of designers and developers. WordPress powers over 60% of all CMS type of websites, over 30% of the total internet and is backed by a pool of over 100,000 designers and developers.

The extremely wide-range of plugins and add-ons make the site easy to upgrade and expand in regards to functionality and content. Because of its popularity, the architects of WordPress keep the overall platform and architecture easy for webmasters and website owners to update content on the site.

MITO’s WordPress Deployment

We take great care in ensuring all of our WordPress Websites are built to the top of recommended standards.

  • Mobile-friendly and Responsive for great display across all devices.
  • Easy to use navigation and user interface
  • Optimized best in class performance
  • Search Engine Friendly design and implementation
  • Additional layers of safeguarding from malware and attack

Experience that Counts

We have been developing on WordPress for over 12 years and are WordPress experts. If you are ready to power your website with WordPress Or need help with your WordPress design, development, issues or maintenance, then contact us today.

Manged WordPress Hosting

We’ve not only designed this website, but we’ve also hosted and maintained it. Since this new site is built on WordPress, the site is under our Managed WordPress hosting plan where we host, secure, and maintain the site. This company doesn’t have to worry about this site. Learn more about our Managed WordPress Hosting services here.