Project Description

Cute Cakes is about celebrations. It’s about family moments. It may be a child’s birthday, a special dinner party, a wedding or a baptism. Perhaps it’s just a Thursday night and your entire family can sit down to supper together! For today’s busy family, that’s certainly reason to celebrate! Cute Cakes is about enjoying those moments. Jill’s hope is that the love that she and her staff put into their work will add that extra bit of sweetness to your celebration!

This is a very large, very active website with lots of functionality. Cute Cakes is one of San Diego’s top rated custom bakeries and they have a cafe in Escondido. They have access to a ton of photos, so we wanted to highlight their work at the top of each page. Other implemented features include:

  • Downloadable cake size guide
  • Online menu for their cafe (see below)
  • Big bold awards and accolades page with logos and badges
  • Multi-functional contact / intake form that intakes basic contact inquiries to complex event quote estimates (see below).

Feature: Online Menu for their Café

Cute Cakes has a constantly changing menu for their Escondido location. We were able to consolidate and simplify the menu to appeal to the public and make it easy for customers to browse through.

Feature: Complex Tasting Form

This website features a complex form that accepts many fields and variables as well as taking online credit card payments.

MITO’s Standard WordPress Deployment

We take great care in ensuring all of our WordPress Websites are built to the top of recommended standards.

  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive for great display across all devices.
  • Easy to use navigation and user interface
  • Optimized best in class performance
  • Search Engine Friendly design and implementation
  • Additional layers of safeguarding from malware and attack

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