Project Description

San Diego Running Institute (SDRI) is San Diego’s Premier Running Shoe Store in San Diego. San Diego Running Institute had two main goals in mind, which was to reorganize and add new tags to over 325+ articles and blog posts. The second goal was to redesign and re-brand the website with a modern, clean, user-friendly feel.

MITO Studios executed a 5-month renovation or some people like to say overhaul on the SDRI’s website. We created a modern website to host the 30+ static pages along with 325+ articles and blog posts. MITO Studios included interactive features like injury forms, embedded videos, maps, and more. Most importantly we listened to the runner’s community of San Diego, with their feedback and ideas we helped bring this project to life.

The website was designed in three distinct sections San Diego Running Store – the leading Products including Running Resources, Running Injury Clinic & Resource Center – Resources & Articles, and the Dirt Devil Racing Community – Resources, Training & Events. These different sections offer runners different resources and links to related sections.  The unique thing with this design is that the side-bars, menu systems, and content changes depending on what section the user is in.  This delivers more content relevant information to the user.

Also, an “Ask the Doc” section was incorporated into the “Injuries” portion of the website, which is where San Diego Runners can ask  Dr. Runco anything about sports-related injuries.

MITO Studios is proud to have helped SDRI for many years with all their marketing, graphic design, and other various creative projects to help raise community awareness.

Custom Website Design includes:

  • Interactive Maps
  • Dynamic Content Subdivisions
  • Custom “Ask the Doc” Injury Form
  • Inquiry Contact Form
  • Homepage Features of Website Slideshow
  • Embedded Videos
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Images