Project Description

Bells of Freedom, a long time client of MITO, recently decided to go through another website re-design (this is the 3rd iteration!) Bells of Freedom is a non-profit specifically dedicated to connecting our in-service military men and women to the community they serve in the form of holiday “family” adoptions, emergency support, and the development of transitional housing. This organization is a program of Dance Hearts, a company who also uses us for their website design, maintenance, and management.

Overall, it was a “Modern Refresh” both look & feel. The original site was functional, but a bit wordy and lacking some of the modern-day features. The new site features a full-width template, a larger typeface to make it easier reading both desktop and mobile, and a simpler navigation system to make the site easier to navigate. Behind the scenes, we condensed each page to be more user friendly, create an interactive home page, and implimented more photos of the events. We also ensure it is fully responsive for good use on mobile devices and tablets.

Online Event Calendar

One updated feature that we incorporated was a new, more functional and user-friendly events calendar. This calendar is separated into Upcoming and Past events, helping users find any future or prior event they need to! Managing the events in the back-end is very easy, and we are able to display different “Event Feeds” throughout the rest of the website, such as on the home page and the Upcoming Events page.

Online Donation / Payment System

In the past, Bells of Freedom would accept donations through external links and pages. With the advancement of technology, we moved over all of the donations to be accepted through the Bells of Freedom website itself. This narrows down the amount of clicking someone has to do. You have the option to choose which area you want your donation going into along with choosing any amount you wish to give! We assisted in setting up a Stripe credit card processing account so all payments are safely and securely processed without any interaction from the user or administrators.

MITO’s Standard WordPress Deployment

We take great care in ensuring all of our WordPress Websites are built to the top of recommended standards.

  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive for great display across all devices.
  • Easy to use navigation and user interface
  • Optimized best in class performance
  • Search Engine Friendly design and implementation
  • Additional layers of safeguarding from malware and attack

Old vs. New Website Screenshots