Last year we redesigned the Stark County Sports Complex Website and one of the problems we helped solve was dealing with the hundreds of visitors coming through the front door every week who are required to sign a liability release. Everyone using the facility must check in and sign the liability release.

There are 3rd party systems available but the facility didn’t want to shell out additional cost, nor did they want to put in another “system” to oversee and manage. And they certainly didn’t want to do it manually via paper forms.

We helped design an overall system to make it easy for customers to check in, and for the SCSC staff to manage them.

The Design + Function

We designed a special page that is loaded onto a series of iPads at the Check-in kiosk at the front door. The page does not have headers/footers so it merely just a check-in form. When a customer checks-in, they must sign the liability waiver at one of the kiosks. Once submitted, the SCSC staff is emailed a copy, as well as a copy back to the customer for their records. All entries are also stored in the website database for archival purposes. Finally, we integrated the form with their email marketing system so every customer has the opportunity to sign-up for their email newsletters.

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