Project Description

The AbleForce Group is a technical staffing agency with more than 30 years combined of experience. AbleForce Group’s motto is to “Find good People” and pride themselves on helping employers find the best candidates and help candidates find challenging jobs.

The AbleForce Group was in need of a unifying identity that included a new website where clients can easily access forms, available positions, and a contact form.

MITO Studios designed and produced  a whole new branding identity and package for The AbleForce Group. As part of the Identity package for AbleForce:

Many of the items that we have designed in a cohesive manner to complement the company’s current marketing strategy.  Since 2006, MITO Studios has been managing their entire graphic design, collateral pieces, and marketing pieces.

Identity & Collateral Images

Website Design for AbleForce, Homepage

Website Design for AbleForce, Homepage


Custom Designed & Printed Envelopes (2)

Custom Designed & Printed Envelopes for Ableforce