Project Description

MITO Studios designed and printed flyers for Premier Building Solutions to provide to their HVAC and construction industry clients. The flyers provided details on relevant products and features that people in these industries would find valuable. Premier has an industry specific section on their website, and flyers like these are added to their online download center.

The creation and printing of the flyers came after a complete company rebranding, also done by MITO Studios. This included designing and printing business cards, flyers and brochures, signs and banners, product labels, and website design. The flyers are designed to seamlessly and cohesively connect to the company’s new website, logo, and marketing collateral.

Premier is a long-standing client of MITO Studios, and we are proud to provide all of their packaging, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Designed & Printed Industry Flyers


Construction Industry Flyer, Front


Construction Industry Flyer, Back


HVAC Industry Flyer, Front


HVAC Industry Flyer, Back