Project Description

Coin Mart Jewelry is a family owned jewelry store in Chula Vista.  Coin Mart has been selling the finest jewelry to their customers for over 50 years and helped over 600,000 people create special moments with the perfect piece of jewelry.

As part of their branding strategy, MITO Studios designed and printed business envelopes and letterhead stationary for the company. The envelopes feature an image of the iconic building for Coin Mart Jewelry, as well as the business address to create an instant connection to the company. We also designed and printed Coin Mart Jewelry business cards.

The letterhead incorporates this image also, along with a Coin Mart Jewelry photograph that adds a personal touch and speaks to the family oriented nature of the company. The header includes Coin Mart Jewelry’s information, while the footer on the business stationary describes each service the company offers.

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Designed & Printed Letterhead Images

CoinMart-Letterhead-Mockup-v1CoinMart-Letterhead-Mockup-v3 CoinMart-Letterhead-Mockup2-v1