Project Description

Gaylord Hansen Mortgage Group is a longtime client of MITO Studios, and we’re always happy to assist them with their print and design needs. Last year we created a home loan checklist flyer, and this year meant it was due to be updated. We revised the original design and created a flyer template from it, with open fields available. This allows the individual agents to personalize sets of flyers with their own photograph, contact information, and social media details. We also created a custom infographic highlighting key details of the home buying process that customers need to know.

We were happy to help with the flyer template design and printing; we have also created many other aspects of marketing collateral for them. This includes website design and creation, business card design and printing, and the production of customized holiday/greeting cards.

Design & Print Flyer Template Images


Flyers, Front & Back


Flyer Infographic


2015 Flyer Template, Checklist Detail


2015 Flyer Template, Infographic Detail


2014 Flyers


2014 Flyers