Project Description

MITO Studios did the graphic design and printing of new product line flyers as part of the major rebranding project for Premier Building Solutions. The best selling products all had new, informative flyers created and printed to highlight their features and applications.

One such item got a special new flyer, though – Premier’s XtraBond 150 Sealant line. There were some special updates to this line that Premier wanted to share. XtraBond 150 has always been available in a range of common colors, but Premier took it a step further by offering custom color matching for any project.

They’ve expanded from the usual white, black, and clear into a total of five solid shades, twelve translucent shades, and a limitless palette of custom colors just waiting to be created! Their online Color Match Lookup tool helps builders, installers, and home owners to find and match the exact hue of silicone, latex, or advanced polymer sealant that they need.

Once the flyer was created, we crafted a blog post announcing the new option. The post included links to each type of XtraBond 150 Sealant, and a “Download the Flyer” button. We put all of the relevant information into one blog post for so customers could quickly and easily find what they needed.

Visit these links to see these marketing tools in real world action:

MITO Studios manages Premier’s entire online presence, so we also did new product packaging and labels, business cards, brochures for featured services, technical data sheets, banners, and web design for the product pages. Click to view our portfolio of work for Premier Building Solutions.

Designed & Printed Flyer Images


Premier XtraBond 150 Custom Color Flyer, Front Right


Premier XtraBond 150 Custom Color Flyer, Front


Premier XtraBond 150 Custom Color Flyer, Bottom